On BUZZSAW with Actor/Film maker Sean Stone, Tom and Sean tear down the 14th Amendment, the Secret Constitution, and Govt. Gangsterism and revenue generation in the guise of crime reduction. The BUNDY Ranch is discussed along with solutions and the importance of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assn. Organic Constitutional principles need to be reset as if we had been infected as a computer is with a virus….. The Constitution needs a Factory Reset !

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The Obama Admin, Prosecuting Americans For International Treaty Violations, Are Small Arms Next?


article written by Tom Lacovara and Sheila Zilinsky

Little spoken about is the treasonous small arms treaty signed by John Kerry. Why may you ask was it treasonous?

It was, due to the legal fact that the United States citizens, are NOT subject to any treaty that trumps Constitutional rights. The main stream, lame stream media, once again, is failing miserably to adequately inform the public of this clear and present danger upon the sovereignty of the people. Contrary to the majority of the public being against gun bans and gun control, the Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino exposed this to be the lie that it was. This caused him to quit, out of principle, and out of reverence and respect for the US Constitution. We must rally behind such courageous individuals, who walk away from nearly a lifetime in a career that they love, when they are so shaken to the core that they feel compelled to do something. To do something bold……risking failure and opposition that far exceeds their financial considerations….. But individuals like Dan Bongino, and Robby Wells who run for office and those such as Ben Swann that have such journalistic integrity, that they shy away from the establishment and the main stream….and grass roots efforts come flowing right behind them.  While the signing of the small arms treaty was ignored by some, explained away by others, an all too ominous case was tried. The defenses were once again tested by the Obama administration.

This time the story had nothing to do with international law, or at least it shouldn’t have….The case was Bond v. US. The Obama Administration chose to prosecute Carol Bond, who poisoned her husband. And they tried to charge her with an “international treaty violation” that relates to the use of “chemical weapons”. This in and of itself is so preposterous, that the intention of a treaty be used against an individual citizen, as it is clearly meant to keep nations from using weapons of mass destruction against one another or its own citizenry. The treaty binds governments, not the people of whom they are employed. The constant attempts by this and the previous administration send shockwaves of warnings…”Danger, Danger”, Will Robinson, there are seriously ominous times ahead, as the famous robot from “Lost In Space” would say…and that is exactly what I feel like I am as I internalize and realize the actual intentions of these people, of this man, of this Marxist.

The trying of this case had absolutely nothing to do with this murder or justice. Justice would have her in the State court of which she was charged, and she would be judged buy a jury of her peers and sentenced accordingly. But this push was a political push to seize more power and this power is so un-Constitutional, it is utter and direct usurpation by the administration, and another step closer to what will surely be my death for writing. Do you understand people? Are you getting it? This is the rise of a power to realize total global governance, and destroy the rights of the people by which these people have clearly shown they do not serve. Obama does not care about what we feel or think. This is a move toward totalitarianism……Marxism is the evil of mankind.   I pray that we come up to a hail Mary moment, that the American people catch in the end zone. Because if we do the same as the Germans did, we will be surely living in a “sectored” U.S.S.A. I never dreamed when I was younger that one day I would fear writing. That I would so absolutely be sickened by the inhumanity of it all.  At least the Supreme Court still stood the line. But with no enforcement arm, it is beginning to appear that the real truth is that we may already be living under a soft constant form of “martial law’. I pray I am wrong……

The following is an exchange that came directly from the S.C.O.T.U.S. web site…. the Obama lawyer’s  exchange

from SCOTUS Blog:

Justice Sotomayor said “it would be deeply ironic” if the Court were to find unconstitutional the U.S. role under the chemical weapons treaty at the very time the global community was trying to deal with Syria. Justice Elena Kagan cautioned about asking judges to try to “get into the minds” of those negotiating world treaties like the chemical weapons pact.

But Verrilli seemed to be tested more rigorously in trying to persuade the Court not to start drawing lines to limit treaty power or treaty implementation, as the more conservative Justices — sometimes using sarcasm — challenged his core argument. The conservatives were joined in their challenges by Justice Stephen G. Breyer, who often is a strong defender of national government power.

But it was Breyer who seemed to irritate Verrilli the most, when the Justice discussed how open-ended the weapons treaty was — so much so that it might even reach disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing drugs — and pressed Verrilli to say what limits, if any, there were on the treaty’s reach. “Hypotheticals are just hypotheticals; they are not real cases,” Verrilli shot back.

Verrilli, though, also had to face some tart responses. Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr., said that the hypotheticals the Justices were reciting were not real cases “because you haven’t prosecuted them.” Alito went on to test the government position by noting that, a few days ago, he and his wife had passed out “chemical weapons” to children — that is, Halloween chocolate. He noted that “chocolate is poisonous to dogs,” and the treaty bans the use of any chemical harmful to animals as well as humans.

When Justice Breyer commented lightly that “there was chocolate all over the place,” Verrilli bluntly commented: “This is serious business.”

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., repeatedly questioned the Solicitor General about whether there is any constitutional limit on Congress’s power to enter treaties or implement them, and whether a treaty could give Congress the authority to claim ”national police powers.” Verrilli answered that it would be ”unimaginable that the Senate would ratify” such a treaty.

But that answer prompted Justice Anthony M. Kennedy to say: “It seems unimaginable that you did bring this prosecution (of Carol Bond).”

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Your Second Amendment


This is an extremely well presented piece on the second Amendment. Regardless of the attempts by the Progressives and the Neo-Cons to disarm the public, we are a well informed and intelligent public. We will not allow anymore their arguments. Any un-Constitutional law is not only our right to stand against , but our DUTY to resist. We can not, and I no longer will recognize ANY un-Constitutional law. If our founders had intended for us to obey EVERY LAW passed…..they NEVER would have identified this DUTY. It is simply that obvious. Anyone who would argue against that point is not just wrong. They are, if they attempt to support, fund, take part in, or restrict, regulate, or promote Gun Control measures, are guilty of treason. Their actions are not merely a “crime”, but an act of War. I would welcome trials and due process, however the very same individuals of whom I am speaking, are the ones in power…… this leads me to our responsibility to keep government on a short leash. Trials are for a citizen of the Republic of the United States of America, or foreign national who commits a crime by violating the rights of another. A politician who is openly and actively committing treason and who at the same time is protected by said government, has waived any right to a trial as the very court system that would be used to charge them is complicit with their protection. It is the Supreme Court who allowed this treason to foment. It is the very same court that we are supposed to have that has been replaced by a Martial Court, an Admiralty Law court. The passage by armed FORCE of the 14th Amendment, as then President Johnson stated would if allowed to proceed, certainly would make the law itself unlawful…..and create a de-facto government. This is exactly what has happened. It is exactly why we have no hope of holding politicians liable for their treason. There is no organization made up of the citizenry to keep them in check and they have undermined the checks and balances that existed in the beginning that would have stood to protect us, even the 4th estate of government accountability, which was intended to be the press, has been taken over by Corporations and special interests because , again, the 14th Amendment gave the rights of an individual to the Corporations. They are dominated by big corporate International Bankers. Free speech is under assault by the likes of the insane Diane Feinstein who seeks to suppress free speech even more than the corporate dominated media by making it illegal for citizen journalists with out Bona Fide Government “credentials” to publish articles and operate a web site based on political discourse and news. This is not only repugnant to the Constiotution…..but it is NO MISTAKE that the same treasonous cow that would back that, is the very same one who also again committed treason by trying to pass legisl;at ion that would outright BAN ALL FIREARMS…..and the only thing that stopped her was a few VOTES……it will not be long before they have found enough willing to commit treason with them. The reason our founders made it clear what our duties were was because the overthrow of the government is not only likely, but historically, if we do not realize that there are political ideologies that believe Socialism is Constitutional and if we do not stand against them now, before it is too late….. we may just completely lose whatever remains of our Sovereignty. Most police officers believe that if a law is passed, then it is their duty to enforce it, and that if a law is passed, that means that it is “Constitutional”. This is simply not only incorrect, but dangerously so. As we have a right to resist ANY AND ALL un-Constitutional laws….. it will be our own brothers who we face having to dispatch, albeit without prejudice. I for one love and appreciate both brother Firefighters, as well as Police. I have as a former fire-fighter had many many interactions with the police. Even though a tad bit of rivals, it is a friendly rivalry. We are and have been there to back each other up, support and even protect each other, so it is with a seriously heavy heart that I implore all police….. I beg of you…. please do not violate my rights , because I will be forced to peacefully resist, and if a position is made to persist , I will resist with any force necessary ONLY in response to a violation of my rights, but if deadly force is threatened, then deadly it must be. The expression Live Free or Die….. Liberty or Death…. these were our Presidents….. who we today are told….. “have a pen” and he will use it…… Well he has hired guns who he is allowing to be misused against the people……..and he uses them. And so will we. i personally believe that this Marxist President, and make NO mistake about it, this President is absolutely so….. his childhood mentor and replacement father for the dad he lost was an avowed Marxist and was watched closely by the F.B.I. Frank Marshall Davis. And we see police in D.C. who completely IGNORE the Supreme Court ruling in the Heller v. D.C. case, and arrest people ….and actually have Judges complicit and convicting people, regardless of the un-Constitutionality. Once the courts have gone that far with Judicial Activism and Usurpation, there is no court but the Common Law Court convened by the Citizens that is legitimate.

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

The 2nd Amendment was ratified on December 17, 1791 along with the other nine amendments that make up the Bill of Rights.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

What does it really mean?  Bill Whittle explains.

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BREAKING: Live Shooter 3 Police Officers Shot – Sacramento County California – *Update* Hispanic Male Suspect In His 30’s *Update* One Cop Dies…



Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

It’s murder now – one of the police officers has died.

Two “heavily armed” suspects, one male – one female, have shot 3 Sheriff Deputies in Sacramento California area. Ongoing situation.


• Suspects also shot driver during car jacking – stole RED Ford F-150. • Suspects drove to woods near Auburn California. • Suspects heavily armed and appeared to be targeting police officers. • UPDATE: Female Caught, Hispanic Male 30’s still being sought.  update-1  (6:15pm EST) One of the police officers has died:

CBS Sacramento Live Stream

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Ken O’Keefe: War on Syria will Draw in Russia, Trigger World War III !

Originally posted on Socio-Economics History Blog:

  • I believe the major powers ie: US+NATO vs Russia, will still opt to fight via their proxies ie.: Zionist ‘666’ Israel vs Iran/Syria and Mulsim allies. Emphasis mine:
  • War on Syria will draw in Russia, trigger World War III ! 
    A former US Marine says any foreign military intervention in Syria would instigate a third World War by inevitably getting Russia involved in the conflict, Press TV reports.
    Ken O’Keefe, a former US Marine, told Press TV on Saturday that Russia would not remain indifferent to a potential military attack against Syria.
    “Russia has made [it] very, very clear that they would not sit by and allow yet another country to be bombarded and effectively raped and pillaged in terms with the empires’ designs. It will not allow this to happen,” O’Keefe said. He said a third world war was possible with “even…

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iRobot Makes Controlling Your Urban Warfare Robot So Much Easier

iRobot Makes Controlling Your Urban Warfare Robot So Much Easier.

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Mossad chief’s chillingly prescient kidnap prophecy – Diplomacy and DefenseIsrael News – Haaretz Israeli News source


Do we ever find it surprising when an Intelligence Service has either posited a theory or taken part in active scenarios that end up occurring “RIGHT BEFORE THEY OCCUR”. I mean, planning is what they do……but all the more it seems as though as soon as they “think it” POOF ! It happens… about that….

Originally posted on The Invisible Opportunity: Hidden Truths Revealed:

By Barak Ravid Published

Ten days ago, at a security cabinet meeting, Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo outlined a scenario spookily similar to the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens missing since Thursday night.

The meeting dealt with the report of the Shamgar Committee on prisoner exchanges and on the Habayit Hayehudi bill that prohibits granting pardons to terrorists.

Pardo, along with other defense establishment officials present, tried to convince the ministers not to advance the bill. He was against it because it would limit the government’s room for maneuver in future abduction cases, would keep its hands tied, and prevent it from considering other solutions for dealing with a potential crisis.

via Mossad chief’s chillingly prescient kidnap prophecy – Diplomacy and DefenseIsrael News – Haaretz Israeli News source.

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The constitutional definition of treason


Recommended by the staff of Resurrect the Republic/Dirty Uncle Sam TRUTH Radio Broadcast on RBN – Tom Lacovara-Stewart

Originally posted on Exposing Faux Capitalism:


Treason is a word that has been bandied about a lot since 9/11. There are even calls for Bilderberg attendees to be tried for treason.

Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution states:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Notice the use of “them” and “their” in reference to the States, and not the nation state of the United States.

Therefore, levying war against any of the States, or in adhering to the enemies of any of the States, constitutes treason.

However, Congress is vested with the sole power to declare the punishment of treason.

The Congress shall have power…

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The Emilio Carranza Memorial

Originally posted on The Lostinjersey Blog:


Down a desolate road in Wharton State Forest, past a juvenile detention center, and sitting amidst the sandy dunes and scrub trees is a small memorial to a mostly-forgotten aviator. The Mt Holly Legion Post #11 has made it’s mission to keep his memory alive. His services used to draw visitors in the thousands, but now it’s dwindled to only a few hundred, mostly local residents & dignitaries from Mexico. So who is Carranza & why are we celebrating his life and death?

In the 1920’s air travel was in it’s infancy. Lt Col Doug Satterfield, said at a recent memorial service, “Today we have no appreciation of [Carranza's undertaking]. Aircraft before the 40’s were unreliable, unpredictable and prone to falling apart without warning.” Instrumentation was limited to a compass, and a lighter to look at maps in the dark. Charles Lindbergh had just flown non-stop across the Atlantic, creating…

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