This Lt. Colonel Dereck Alphonso, came to speak and speak against the Constitutional Law violations that were comitted by the Katy ISD , Katy Texas School District, and with a 30 minute time allotment and only 2 speakers that were presenting, they cut the Lt. Col off, a Katy Texas former Elected Official of 8 years, and refused to allow him to finish when he only aked for 3 minutes. His mic was CUT, and they asked him for his written statement. This was so Orwellian Creepy, that I submit that this is the beginning of a Communist set up, in combination with certain Federal Programs that will exist to rule over us and tell us what how and when children will do what and for what they will be arrested chareged and convicted of, regardless of any perceived rights. If this is not immediately changed, this is EXACTLY what will be governing us all.

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November 14, 2014 in News by Manny Quiroz ~ RBN ~ Republic Broadcasting Network

Source: Police State USA

The final moments before Deputy Tyler Brockman killed Samantha Ramsey while fleeing from a party. (Image: YouTube)

HEBRON, KY — Police charged into a darkened field trying to arrest teenagers for consuming alcohol without government permission, and killed a young woman in the process.

The deadly raid occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 26th, 2014. After witnessing “cars full of juveniles” and “hear[ing] loud music and people screaming,” Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Brockman radioed for “several patrol cars for assistance, as it seem[ed] like a large party with underage drinking was going on,” according to an official report.

Deputies responded in force and attempted to surround the party, which was taking place on a rural road in Hebron, Kentucky.

As red and blue lights approached, the teens scrambled to escape the government agents. One girl, 19-year-old Samantha Ramsey, got behind the wheel of her 2001 white Subaru, along with 3 of her friends.

Dashcam video from a police cruiser depicted the moment Ms. Ramsey, who worked as a preschool teacher, tried to escape. As her car pulled onto the street, the teen passed Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Brockman, who can be seen clearly standing to the side of her vehicle on the driver’s side. He was shining a flashlight at her and barking orders to stop.

“…after she kept moving is when the cop jumped on top of the car and he just opened fire.”
Intent on imprisoning the girl for her beverage consumption, Deputy Brockman confronted Ms. Ramsey and tried to position himself in the forward trajectory of the vehicle.

The vehicle slid out of view just as the deputy closed in on the driver’s window; Ms. Ramsey had not stopped her vehicle. There is some dispute about events that followed, but the confrontation ended when Deputy Brockman fired four shots through the windshield, fatally striking the teen.

The shooting itself occurred off-camera, but several of the young partygoers were filmed reacting hysterically to bloody encounter; flailing arms and crying. The victim’s car ended up in a ditch and a cloud of smoke billowed forth, along with a passenger who stumbled out and collapsed onto the road.

The incident occurred at 2:13 a.m.

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On BUZZSAW with Actor/Film maker Sean Stone, Tom and Sean tear down the 14th Amendment, the Secret Constitution, and Govt. Gangsterism and revenue generation in the guise of crime reduction. The BUNDY Ranch is discussed along with solutions and the importance of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assn. Organic Constitutional principles need to be reset as if we had been infected as a computer is with a virus….. The Constitution needs a Factory Reset !

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The Obama Admin, Prosecuting Americans For International Treaty Violations, Are Small Arms Next?


article written by Tom Lacovara and Sheila Zilinsky

Little spoken about is the treasonous small arms treaty signed by John Kerry. Why may you ask was it treasonous?

It was, due to the legal fact that the United States citizens, are NOT subject to any treaty that trumps Constitutional rights. The main stream, lame stream media, once again, is failing miserably to adequately inform the public of this clear and present danger upon the sovereignty of the people. Contrary to the majority of the public being against gun bans and gun control, the Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino exposed this to be the lie that it was. This caused him to quit, out of principle, and out of reverence and respect for the US Constitution. We must rally behind such courageous individuals, who walk away from nearly a lifetime in a career that they love, when they are so shaken to the core that they feel compelled to do something. To do something bold……risking failure and opposition that far exceeds their financial considerations….. But individuals like Dan Bongino, and Robby Wells who run for office and those such as Ben Swann that have such journalistic integrity, that they shy away from the establishment and the main stream….and grass roots efforts come flowing right behind them.  While the signing of the small arms treaty was ignored by some, explained away by others, an all too ominous case was tried. The defenses were once again tested by the Obama administration.

This time the story had nothing to do with international law, or at least it shouldn’t have….The case was Bond v. US. The Obama Administration chose to prosecute Carol Bond, who poisoned her husband. And they tried to charge her with an “international treaty violation” that relates to the use of “chemical weapons”. This in and of itself is so preposterous, that the intention of a treaty be used against an individual citizen, as it is clearly meant to keep nations from using weapons of mass destruction against one another or its own citizenry. The treaty binds governments, not the people of whom they are employed. The constant attempts by this and the previous administration send shockwaves of warnings…”Danger, Danger”, Will Robinson, there are seriously ominous times ahead, as the famous robot from “Lost In Space” would say…and that is exactly what I feel like I am as I internalize and realize the actual intentions of these people, of this man, of this Marxist.

The trying of this case had absolutely nothing to do with this murder or justice. Justice would have her in the State court of which she was charged, and she would be judged buy a jury of her peers and sentenced accordingly. But this push was a political push to seize more power and this power is so un-Constitutional, it is utter and direct usurpation by the administration, and another step closer to what will surely be my death for writing. Do you understand people? Are you getting it? This is the rise of a power to realize total global governance, and destroy the rights of the people by which these people have clearly shown they do not serve. Obama does not care about what we feel or think. This is a move toward totalitarianism……Marxism is the evil of mankind.   I pray that we come up to a hail Mary moment, that the American people catch in the end zone. Because if we do the same as the Germans did, we will be surely living in a “sectored” U.S.S.A. I never dreamed when I was younger that one day I would fear writing. That I would so absolutely be sickened by the inhumanity of it all.  At least the Supreme Court still stood the line. But with no enforcement arm, it is beginning to appear that the real truth is that we may already be living under a soft constant form of “martial law’. I pray I am wrong……

The following is an exchange that came directly from the S.C.O.T.U.S. web site…. the Obama lawyer’s  exchange

from SCOTUS Blog:

Justice Sotomayor said “it would be deeply ironic” if the Court were to find unconstitutional the U.S. role under the chemical weapons treaty at the very time the global community was trying to deal with Syria. Justice Elena Kagan cautioned about asking judges to try to “get into the minds” of those negotiating world treaties like the chemical weapons pact.

But Verrilli seemed to be tested more rigorously in trying to persuade the Court not to start drawing lines to limit treaty power or treaty implementation, as the more conservative Justices — sometimes using sarcasm — challenged his core argument. The conservatives were joined in their challenges by Justice Stephen G. Breyer, who often is a strong defender of national government power.

But it was Breyer who seemed to irritate Verrilli the most, when the Justice discussed how open-ended the weapons treaty was — so much so that it might even reach disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing drugs — and pressed Verrilli to say what limits, if any, there were on the treaty’s reach. “Hypotheticals are just hypotheticals; they are not real cases,” Verrilli shot back.

Verrilli, though, also had to face some tart responses. Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr., said that the hypotheticals the Justices were reciting were not real cases “because you haven’t prosecuted them.” Alito went on to test the government position by noting that, a few days ago, he and his wife had passed out “chemical weapons” to children — that is, Halloween chocolate. He noted that “chocolate is poisonous to dogs,” and the treaty bans the use of any chemical harmful to animals as well as humans.

When Justice Breyer commented lightly that “there was chocolate all over the place,” Verrilli bluntly commented: “This is serious business.”

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., repeatedly questioned the Solicitor General about whether there is any constitutional limit on Congress’s power to enter treaties or implement them, and whether a treaty could give Congress the authority to claim ”national police powers.” Verrilli answered that it would be ”unimaginable that the Senate would ratify” such a treaty.

But that answer prompted Justice Anthony M. Kennedy to say: “It seems unimaginable that you did bring this prosecution (of Carol Bond).”

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United State’s New Hero ~ Vladimir Putin: Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For Soros ~ NWO Overthrows Turkey & Jordan!

RTR Truth Media ~ Resurrect the Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam:

While I do not trust Putin, nor any ex-KGB or Communist intelligence agents, however, that being said, we get more truth and action against the Global Banksters with him than we get with any of our IMF ROTHSCHILD controlled politicians. Our research here at the Patriot News Release as well as our main site , which has many politicians extremely nervous as we have found the House and Congressional Records to PROVE that we were overthrown by treason from within.

We must now all rise up against these global bankers and the ROTHSCHILD, ROCKEFELLER criminals. While everyone supports Israel in the Council on Foriegn Relations controlled political landscape, they ado not have the intellect or courage to say what needs to be said…..Israel gives these criminals shelter, so does the UK. And both the UK and Israel endanger the people of this country. Israel is NOT the historical equivalent to the ancient people…..they are as we are a CORPORATE FRAUD and illusion of what we and they say that they are. We are not a country when referring to the U.S. INC. Our Constitutiona was replaced and the one they replaced it with they now finally took the last step and implemented Martial Law already with the Emergency War Powers since the Civil War that is now supported by the NDAA.

Originally posted on Political Vel Craft:

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Mainstream media: Pedophilia isn’t a crime, but being unvaccinated is

Originally posted on Christian Patriots:

(NaturalNews) What constitutes legal and illegal behavior in America today is becoming increasingly more inconsistent and bizarre. Some mainstream media sources are now calling for people who make the personal choice not to vaccinate to be jailed, implying that they’re criminals, while other sources are now purporting that pedophilia isn’t even a crime.

A recent New York Times op-ed piece published by Harvard graduate and law professor Margo Kaplan attempts to make the case that pedophilia is a mental disorder rather than a felony offense and calls for the rules to be redefined. In Kaplan’s opinion, pedophilia is a condition that some people have rather than a crime that they commit, and she believes that it should be treated as such.

During a recent interview with Philadelphia magazine, Kaplan explained what she sees as a major variance between pedophiles and sex offenders. The former are merely born into a condition…

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RTR Truth Media ~ Resurrect the Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam:

Our thanks to the Publisher of The message of Liberty and truth need be heard and in fact is our responsibility to stand as watchmen/women on the wall and to blow the trumpet, or take to the pen and keyboards ( sometimes mightier than the sword ) and break through the disinformation of the Corporate Fascist controlled Main Stream Media. There is even rumblings of those with noble titles in government that it is being considered that those who do not believe the propaganda of the Corporate Media should be grounds for mental health evaluations. Conspiracy theorists are being accused of mental illness. Well of course we would seem crazy to them. We do not compute evil as normal rational thought as they do. And not for anything, those in the positions that are being accused of committing crimes against humanity and fraud of monumental proportions should not be the ones defining what “mental illness is”, because as a famous man once said,…….it depends on what “is”…..”is”…….

Originally posted on saintandrewstwinflame:

Published on Nov 29, 2014

Katy ISD (Independent School District) has taken an entire step toward world Communism and is acting as if it were a full on City Council. It has hired its own police Department, and violates the Constitution by allowing children to be questioned in a law enforcement capacity abusing its power and authority granted only non L.E. school personnel to better help provide parents with problems so that they can solve them before children become of an accountable age. They keep records like no time ever before in history and have gone digital with it, This parent and taxpayer and therefore the employer of those who sit on the board that speak for the Corporation known as Katy ISD, WANTED TO KNOW WHY ILLEGAL COMMON CORE COMMUNIST CURRICULUM WAS FOUND IN HER CHILDS HOMEWORK IN VIOLATION OF H.B 462 that OUTLAWS IT !


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From a man with more insight! On General Ham’s Appointment…

Originally posted on Scanned Retina - A Resource for the People!:

Understand why I can say what I do:

As one who convened a Common Law Grand Jury in March of 09, in the city of Stockbridge, Georgia and currently a Delegate for Georgia to the Union States Assembly, I am very familiar with David Robinson’s Group, even though he knows nothing of mine. These outposts of Freedom exist in every State and are, in no way, hiding from the imposters. Documents have been filed in various International Venues formally announcing their formation for the purpose of restoring their State’s Lawful government and holding elections to fill what currently are vacant positions being occupied by imposters who are merely the assigned receivers of the trust established by this Nations creditors, formalized by the Acts and Proclamations of FDR.



At least two separate assemblies preceded the Union States Assembly and fell…

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Authored by Bruce Ray Riggs –

Research and Investigation –Tom Lacovara-Stewart
Most Americans don’t know there was a different 13th Amendment. It was proposed just four years before the 13th Amendment, ending Involuntary Slavery in 1865. It would have secured slavery as a State Right (12 Stat. 251, 36th Congress,  .This proposed 13th Amendment was called the Corwin Amendment.
On February 28, 1861, the House of Representatives approved the Resolution by a vote of 133-65. On March 2, the United States Senate also adopted the Corwin Amendment with a vote of 24-12.
Since proposed Constitutional Amendment require a 2/3 majority vote, 132 votes were required in the House and 24 in the Senate. As seven Southern States had already decided to succeed from the Union, those states chose not to vote on the Corwin Amendment. Thus, showing a lot of the Northern support for this Pro-Slavery Amendment just before the start of the Civil War.
Resurrect New Promo Header
This Corwin Amendment is an Amendment to the United States Constitution proposed by Congress on March 2, 1861, as House Resolution No. 80. This was originally suggested by President James Buchanan (Mr. President James Buchanan endorsed the Corwin Amendment by taking the unusual step of signing it.). It was then drafted by a committee chaired by Representative Thomas Corwin of Ohio. Its purpose was to persuade states that permitted Slavery that the Federal Government would not interfere with Slavery in places where it already existed. So, pursuant to Article V of the Constitution, consideration of the Corwin Amendment then shifted to the State Legislatures.
On May 13, 1861, the Ohio General Assembly became the first to ratify the Amendment. In January 1862, Maryland General Assembly was next to ratifying the Amendment. Later that year, Illinois approved the Amendment while they were sitting in session as a State Constitutional Convention rather than as a Legislature. Thus, causing some to see this particular ratification as possibly invalid. Note Ohio, Maryland, and Illinois were states that we are taught in history that fought to free the slaves. Plus look at the dates. All three states ratified this evil Amendment after the civil war had started on April 15, 1861. Moreover not one southern state has ever ratified it.
So, if the South had left the Union just because Slavery, then why would the Southern Political Forces that is then not plan to stay within the Union to support proposed Corwin 13th Amendment?
In Abraham Lincoln’s first Inaugural Address, he supported the Corwin Amendment: “Holding such a provision to now be implied Constitutional law, I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.”
Then, just weeks prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, Lincoln even pinned a letter to each Governor asking for them to support the Corwin Amendment.
Check out  .Quoted from the site “The discovery of the newly inaugurated President Abraham Lincoln to the governor of Florida has generated renewed interest in Lincoln’s views toward slavery. The letter, found at the Le-high County Historical Society in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is a form letter from Lincoln to Governor Madison S. Perry transmitting “an authenticated copy” of a Joint Resolution to amend the Constitution of the United States On March 16, 1861, Lincoln sent the letter to all of the Governors of the States, supporting the Corwin Amendment including states that had already succeeded from the Union and formed their own Confederate Government.

Technically, the Corwin Amendment is still pending. It would need additional 35 or 36 ratifications, depending on Illinois ratification, in order to become part of the Constitution.
In 1963, a resolution to ratify the Corwin Amendment was introduced in Texas State Legislature. Remember this was proposed a month before Fort Sumter was fired upon. The war could have been avoided if slavery was in fact the only issue. In all reality, here in America no matter what race or religion you might practice, we all have one thing in common: As far as liberty is concerned we’re all in the same boat and its sinking. If We the People don’t learn to become One People in the very near future we may not even have the illusion of being a Constitutionally Free People much longer. Let’s all as one People fix the leak in the ship of Liberty!
In addition to, when did Abraham Lincoln first address freeing the Slaves? It was only when Lincoln was losing the war with the South that he issued the Emancipation Proclamation, September 22, 1862, in the mid of war. Over a year after the Civil War started in April 15, 1861. This is where he established a purpose for the war and proclaimed that Slaves in the Nations of the Confederate States were free.
Mr. Lincoln’s statements of his first Inaugural Address, on March 4, 1861, around 41 days before the start of the Civil War: “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of Slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so”.
Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley, August 22, 1862, stated in part: “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union”.
From the 4th Lincoln and Douglas debate, August 21, 1858, Lincoln stated: “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.
So the 14th amendment didn’t make no one equal. Example After the said ratification of the 14th Amendment it took women another 50 years to gain a right to vote. It took Black folks 96 years till the civil rights act of 1964 to be said to be equal and end segregation. it took the black folks to stand up for themselves and protest and make the courts interpret the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment to mean equal rights. Now sinse the 14th Amendment all laws courts and government operate under the jurisdiction of the 14th Amendment. That means for the first 96 years the 14th amendment was said ratified. It’s jurisdiction enforced racist laws. And now to teach in school this 14th Amendment made us equal? What a LIE.The November 14, 1866 Florida House Journals 2d. Sess, 14th, Gen, Ass. makes clear BEFORE Reconstruction Blacks were equal with whites in every area. It’s a shame after Reconstruction and the 14th Amendment it took Black folks 96 years to to once again achieve this level of equality. 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution that abolished slavery was proposed by Joint Resolution of Congress, (13 Statutes at Large, p. 567) and was approved February 1, 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln, as required by Article I, Section 7 of the United States Constitution. The President’s signature is affixed to the Resolution. The 13th Amendment was ratified by 27 states of he then thirty-six (36) states of the Union, including the Southern States of Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia. This is shown by the Proclamation of the Secretary of State December 18, 1865. (13 Statutes at Large, p. 774.) Without the votes of these seven (7) Southern State Legislatures the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery would have failed.  .There can be no doubt but that the ratification by these seven (7) Southern States of the 13th Amendment again established the fact that their Legislatures and State governments were duly and lawfully constituted and functioning as such under their States Constitutions a year and half before Reconstruction.

The original citizen the US Constitution created is found at Article 4 Section 2 (state citizen). Exhibit (A )

Next, in 1862, Congress redefined the meaning of the word PERSON to include the definition CORPORATION, AMONG OTHER THINGS. Exhibit (B)

Then, in 1868, the 14th Amendment created a different citizen making all “PERSONS”, corporations, citizens of the “UNITED STATES” and “SUBJECT TO” the “JURISDICTION” “THEREOF”.

 “SUBJECT TO” (Blacks Law dictionary, 5th edition, Page 1278) – “Liable, subordinate, inferior, obedient to, governed or affected by; provided; answerable for
“JURISDICTION – authority
UNITED STATES = Washington D.C. doing business as the United Stated incorporated Feb. 01, 1871.
Note the Constitution created a government in 1787. This Organic Act of 1871 created a government for the District of Columbia and incorporated it as The United States Corporation. In This corporation was given all the powers not inconsistent with the laws and Constitution of the United States, which means consistent or double talk.  Washington D.C. was already our nations capital since the Organic Act of 1801.
Note that many misinformed folks seem to be under the impression that the
Organic act created a local or CITY government for Washington but that is not the case because as you can see 10 months prior to the organic act of Feb. 21, 1871  there already was a local or city government incorporated and in place

ORGANIC ACT Blacks law dictionary 5th Ed. Page   ” An act of Congress conferring powers of government upon a territory”
FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT Blacks Law Dictionary 5th Ed. Page 591 (in part) . It became part of the Organic law July 28,1868. It created or at least recognized for the first time a citizen of the United States as distinct of that of the State(ARTICLE 4 SEC.2 US CONSTITUTION ORIGINAL STATE CITIZEN)

NOTE: If you’re a citizen of the United States, you’re a corporation, says the US Supreme Court. “A corporation is a person within the meaning of the equal protection due process provision of the US Constitution.” Metropolitan Life Ins. v. Ward Ala. 470 U.S. 869, 105 S.Ct. 1676 at 1683, 84 L.Ed. 2d. 751. 
” The United States is a federal Corporation”, says US Code title 28 USC 3002 15 (a).
“All crimes state or federal are commercial crimes”, says Code of Federal Regulation title 27, 72.11

Blacks Law Dictionary 5th Ed. Page 306, Corporate Citizenship – Corporate status in the state of incorporation, through a foreign corporation is not a citizen for purposes of the privilege and Immunities Clause.
U.S. Constitution Article 4 Section 2 “ORIGINAL CONSTITUTIONAL CITIZEN is not a corporation” Bank of Augusta v. Earle 38 U.S. (13 Pet ) 510, 10 L. Ed. 274  

Blacks Law Dictionary 5th Ed. Page 104, Artificial Persons – Persons created and devised by human laws for the purpose of society and government, as distinguished from natural persons. Corporations are examples of artificial persons.


The 14th Amendment was not properly ratified. Congress knows this. Every member of
Congress received a copy November 26, 2008. Congressional research service report . Order
Code 98-611 GOV prepared for members and committees of Congress, Exhibit (D)

Page 5 of this report which is crs-2, top paragraph, makes clear that Executive Order 6 (Presidential proclamation #11) ordered the 14th Amendment ratified. Exhibit (E)

Executive order #7 (Presidential Proclamation #13) Ordered the 14th Amendment lawful and published. Exhibit (F)

Both E.O. 6 and 7 never had the signature of the President. Only the Secretary of State. So, these
two fake executive orders are booked and paged as Presidential proclamations. As the CRS report makes clear. Proclamation #12 admitting the states under a newly established legislative bodies replaced the Constitutionally elected one. The states were blackmailed into ratifying the said 14th Amendment or be denied representation in Congress and remain under marshal law. Exhibit (G) in mind the seated president at that time Andrew Johnson was against the 14th
Amendment claiming it created a Unconstitutional de facto government as he pointed out in
his veto address, Exhibit (H) facto government Blacks Law dictionary 5th Ed. Page 375. “one that displays itself by a force against the will of the rightful legal government and is successful at least temporarily in overturning the institutions of the rightful legal government and setting up it’s own in lieu thereof. Wortham v. Walker 133 Tex. 255, 128 S.W.2d 1138,1145.

1) The joint resolution proposing said 14th Amendment was not submitted to or adopted by a Constitutional Congress. Article 1 section 3 and Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution
2) The joint resolution was not submitted to the President for his approval. Article 1 section 7.
3) The proposed 14th Amendment was rejected by more than one-fourth of all the States then in the union, and it was never ratified by three-fourths of all the States in the Union. Article 5.


The U.S. Constitution provides:
Article 1 Section 3. “The Senate shall be composed of two Senators from each state”.
Article 5 provides: “No State without it’s consent, shall be deprived of it’s equal suffrage in the Senate”.
The fact that 23 Senators from northern and southern states had been unlawfully excluded from the U.S. Senate, in order to secure a two-thirds vote for adoption the 14th Amendment.
THE LOUISIANA LEGISLATURE URGING CONGRESS TO DECLARE THE 14th AMENDMENT ILLEGAL. On June 13,1967, A WELL ANNOTATED LAW DRIVEN BRIEF ON THE UNCONSTITUTIONALITY OF THE 14th AMENDMENT and how its an act of treason against our Constitution and how it over threw our Constitution, prepared by Judge Leander H. Perez, of Louisiana, was memorialized on the House floor. Memorization page number 15641- 15646 of this LAW DRIVEN Congressional Record, thus, showing how several Unconstitutional acts were done in-order to claim the said 2/3 votes needed for ratification, including 23 senators from northern and southern states were also unlawfully excluded from the US Senate in order to secure this 2/3 vote. All this also included replacing 10 lawful state governments for rejecting the 14th Amendment as Unconstitutional, for the loss of state rights, and how the federal courts will not hear an argument on the invalidity of the 14th Amendment

The state of New Jersey House Journals claiming the 14th Amendment is Unconstitutional and their state was denied Constitutional representation
due to there representative was ejected without cause in order to secure a said 2/3 vote for said
ratification of 14th Amendment.

NOTE: The US Supreme court in COLEMAN v- MILLER 307 US433 (1939) makes clear not only were state governments replaced with new ones for rejecting and not ratifying the 14th Amendment the supreme court never decided on the Constitutionally of the 14th Amendment saying it was political question and never addressed the merits of the 14th Amendment being Constitutional or not  . But Dyett v Turner, (1968) 439 P2d 266, 267 STATE SUPREME COURT OF UTAH STRUCK DOWN THE 14TH AMENDMENT AS UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND IS NOT A REAL AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION.    Also see 267; State v Phillips, (1975) 540 P 2d 936; as well as 28 Tulane Law Review, 22; 11 South Carolina Law Quarterly 484;
The Utah Supreme Court in Dyett v. Turner STATED THE LAWFUL SOLUTION is public awareness followed by a Constitutional Convention Per Article 5 to do a investigation on the 14th Amendment being Constitutional or not. .
QUESTION, Is it not Unconstitutional to replace state governments the voters elected with new one’s for not voting a certain way? Is it not Unconstitutional for 23 senators from northern and southern states to be unlawfully excluded from the US Senate in order to secure this 2/3 vote? Don’t it violate the SUPREMACY CLAUSE of The U.S. Constitution which holds the Constitution to be SUPREME LAW of the land, to create a different citizen, “subject to” a different jurisdiction and a different form of government that the Constitution originally created??

(Click the document to visit the original source)


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EXCLUSIVE: Federal judge orders entrepreneur to commit his own Facebook identity theft or go to jail – after PREDATORY MILLIONAIRE takes an honest man to the cleaners ! Smells like something “not right”!

Learn more:

(NaturalNews) In yet another astonishing example of the expanding insanity of the judicial activism sweeping across America, a federal bankruptcy judge in the Southern District of Texas has ordered an individual to commit his own identity theft on Facebook and violate the Facebook terms of service he has agreed to, or be arrested and thrown in jail at noon tomorrow.


On April 3, Judge Jeff Bohm issued an “ORDER DENYING JEREMY ALCEDE’S EMERGENCY MOTION OBJECTING TO PROPOSED ORDER REGARDING SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS.” (Case No. 14-33564, in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division.) (See document here – PDF.)

The account in question is named “Jeremy Alcede Entrepreneur” and is accessible at this Facebook page with the same name. It has over 10,800 likes and the maximum 5,000 friends.

The account was previously named “Tactical Firearms” but was used almost exclusively for personal messages from the founder of the company, Jeremy Alcede. “I posted fewer than 20 commercial promotion messages over the 5 years, such as Black Friday specials,” Alcede told Natural News. “I had thousands of personal posts over that same time period. The account was used almost exclusively for personal messaging to fans and friends.”

To clarify his personal account status during the business bankruptcy fallout, Alcede updated the account name last December to “Jeremy Alcede Entrepreneur” in order to reflect his personal namesake.

A casual examination of the posts on the account by Natural News indicates it consists almost entirely of messages that are personal in nature, not commercial.

Court orders private individual to give up his own Facebook account

The winners of the bankruptcy proceedings, however, wish to use the “Jeremy Alcede Entrepreneur” account to promote the business they have been granted via the bankruptcy proceedings. Without those 10,800+ likes, 5,000 friends and who knows how many followers, they may not be able to successfully generate the business and cash flow necessary to keep the business afloat. So they asked Judge Jeff Bohm to force Alcede to turn over the account to them, allowing them to post messages in the name of Jeremy Alcede to Alcede’s friends and followers, effectively impersonating Alcede.

Per the court order, Alcede is even being ordered by a judge to accept a Facebook friend! (When was the last time a court judge ordered you to friend someone you didn’t consider a friend at all?)

ORDERED that Jeremy Alcede shall, by no later than noon on April 8, 2015, accept John Boyert’s Friend Request; and it is further

ORDERED that Jeremy Alced shall, by no later than noon on April 8, 2015, make John Boyert an “Admin” of the Facebook Page by navigating to “Page Roles” under the Facebook Page “Settings,” typing John Boyert, selecting “Admin” from the drop-down menu, and then clicking “Save”; and it is further

ORDERED that Jeremy Alcede shall, by no later than noon on April 8, 2015, change the password to the Twitter Account to a password that he will share with John Boyert by navigating to Settings – Password, entering the current password in the “Current password” field, entering the new password (the New Password) in the “New password” field, entering the New Password in the “Verify password” field, and then clicking “Save changes”; and it is further…

But by handing over the password of his personal page to the new owners of the company, Alcede would be committing his own identity theft on Facebook, granting the hostile parties who have taken over the business the opportunity to smear Alcede’s name and reputation by posting false messages that appear to be coming from Alcede himself.

“They could say I love Barack Obama… they would be impersonating me,” Alcede told Natural News. “This is court-sanctioned identity theft.”

Judge forcing Facebook user to violate Facebook’s terms of use

The court order by Judge Jeff Bohm — who appears to be unfamiliar with modern-day social media dynamics — would also force Jeremy Alcede to violate Facebook’s terms of service.

Under the legal terms, section 4, “Registration and Account Security,” the user agreement states “You will not transfer your account (including any Page or application you administer) to anyone without first getting our written permission.”

The Facebook legal terms page also explains, “You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings.”

Thus, even Facebook confirms that the person who posts the content OWNS the content, implying they must also own the “likes” to that same content.

Judge Jeff Bohm strangely disagrees, insisting that Jeremy Alcede’s thousands of posts, 10,000+ likes and 5,000 friends suddenly belong to the business he once founded but now has no part of. If this ruling is allowed to stand, it would set a dangerous precedent for social media, allowing court judges to seize personal Facebook pages and reassign them to other parties who can then impersonate the original Facebook account founder to smear their reputations, exploit their fan base and conduct commercial marketing campaigns disguised as personal appeals in the name of a person who has been cut off from communicating with his own Facebook followers.

As Judge Bohm writes in his court opinion, he believes that Alcede’s personal social media pages should become the property of the reorganized business merely because Alcede’s personal page recommended that business on fewer than 20 occasions over a five-year period. Here’s what Judge Bohm writes:

The instant dispute involves one central question: what social media property belongs to the reorganized corporate Debtor as opposed to Mr. Alcede, personally? This Court concludes that the Facebook Page that Mr. Alcede refers to as his “likes” page and the sole Twitter account discussed at the hearings are both property of the reorganized debtor, and not the personal property of Mr. Alcede. As an initial matter, this Court notes that Mr. Alcede’s choice of terminology to refer to the social media accounts is misleading, perhaps deliberately so.

As Alcede explained to Natural News, the mere recommendation of a business from a personal social media account page does not grant that business any claim to ownership or control over the social media page. “If I recommended Papadeaux’s restaurant ten times over five years, does that mean the Papadeaux corporation now owns my personal Facebook page?” Alcede asked Natural News. “I don’t think so.”

Now Alcede finds himself in a catch-22 conundrum. If he chooses to follow the court order, his account could be terminated by Facebook for a terms of service violation while the new owners of Tactical Firearms maliciously impersonate him to post defamatory messages to his own followers. If he chooses to reject the court order, he will be arrested and thrown in jail, then held in contempt of court. Either way, he is screwed by a federal court judge whose views of social media seem to be wildly outdated.

Nasty bankruptcy proceeding turns into a theater of the absurd

The bankruptcy in question appears to be a particularly nasty disagreement between Jeremy Alcede, founder of Tactical Firearms in Katy, Texas, and investors Stephen Coe Wilson and John Boyert. As this court document reveals, Alcede was accused of embezzling from the company by diverting funds from the sale of used firearms shells.

Alcede says that he was essentially muscled out of the business by people who had more money to hire more lawyers who made false claims against him. He told Natural News he has proof that they deliberately bankrupted the company in order to seize control of it (see court testimony document pictures below). This article has no intention of attempting to sort out the validity of such disagreements in the bankruptcy proceedings itself. Rather, this article is concerned solely with the seemingly bizarre decision of a federal judge to force a man — essentially at gunpoint — to hand over control of his own personal social media page to another party which may then use that page to defame him.

In this court document, Judge Bohm attempts to argue that Alcede’s personal Facebook page should be considered property of the receiving bankruptcy party, but this argument appears to wholly ignore that the primary use of the page was for personal messaging, and that the “likes” of the page were likes created by people who enjoyed Jeremy Alcede’s hilarious personal posts, not people who were signing up to hear corporate press releases from a commercial entity.

Thus, Judge Bohm weaves a misdirected legal argument that misses the forest for the trees. Additionally, Jeremy Alcede himself is something of a celebrity in Katy, Texas, for his outspoken street signs that mock President Obama and anti-gun activists in general. Alcede was featured by Piers Morgan on a “gun experience” news show, and he is recognized by locals as an outspoken, sometimes belligerant, pro-gun activist who makes waves and is therefore highly fascinating to observe. Many of the customers who visit Tactical Firearms in Katy were, in fact, attracted to the business because of the personal antics of Jeremy Alcede himself. He is not just the founder of Tactical Firearms, but in a very real sense also the “celebrity face” of the business.

If Alcede is no longer associated with Tactical Firearms, many of his personal fans and followers will likely distance themselves from the company as well. That’s why it appears the court-ordered takeover of Alcede’s personal social media accounts is so critically important to the bankruptcy receivers: They need the name of Jeremy Alcede to keep the business going. So they’ve convinced a federal judge to steal it for them.

If this decision stands, it means all of us who have personal Facebook accounts — mine has 1.5 million likes — can have our accounts stolen by activist judges who fail to understand the dynamics of modern-day social media.

How would you like it if a judge ordered you to turn over your own personal Facebook page to someone else or go to jail?

Sound off in the comments section below.

“I served my country and I paid my taxes, and I think I have a First Amendment to free speech in my own private name.” – Jeremy Alcede

As some background to some of the nastiness and animosity of this bankruptcy mess, here are some screen grabs and conversations:

Chat between Alcede (in blue) and Stephen Coe Wilson (gray):

Some other lovely social media post:

A court transcript that seems to indicate the receiving parties intentionally tried to bankrupt the company:

Learn more:

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The Future of Mind Control

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Robo-HumansAll it took was a few jolts of electricity to turn ordinary rats into roborats and for pundits to leap to the conclusion that ordinary humans will soon be transformed into Robo-Humans. Scientists at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn sparked a media frenzy when they demonstrated that rats with electrodes implanted in their brains could be steered like remote-controlled toy cars through an obstacle course. Using a laptop equipped with a wireless transmitter, a researcher stimulated cortical cells governing whisker sensations and reinforced those signals by zapping the rats’ pleasure centers. Presto! With this simple setup, the team had created living robots.

Publications around the world proclaimed the imminence of those familiar science-fiction staples, surgically implanted devices that electronically monitor and manipulate our minds.The Economistwarned that neurotechnology may be on the verge of  “overturning the essential nature of humanity,”and The…

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UK Man Wins Court Battle With BBC Over WTC7 Coverup

RTR Truth Media ~ Resurrect the Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam:

This is a good start. We must not fear anything when standing up for the truth. They have the media under control, but they are a Corporation, and they have liability for the lies they tell, at least the reasonable expectation of such. We pay for these services and as such we should have say. My commendations to this man. – T.R.L-Stewart

Originally posted on COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS:

Meet Tony Rooke, a man that knows that 9/11 was an inside job and refused to pay the BBC TV license fee and wound up in court over it.  Why did he take on this battle?  Because on the day of 9/11,  BBC reported that the  WTC 7 building fell 20 minutes before it actually happened.

Due to this incriminating evidence, Mr Rooke said the BBC was complicit in the 9/11 attacks and on those grounds, refused to pay his license fee to the BBC “terrorists”.  Rooke presented the BBC video in court along with other evidence.  The judge then ruled that he had reason to protest the fee.  He was found not guilty and not liable for the fine.    A small but far from insignificant victory for 9/11 truth.  Best line…”You can successfully contradict The BBC. You can’t contradict Sir Isaac Newton.”

May I add, Tony has exquisite taste…

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Too Many Years of Lies …

RTR Truth Media ~ Resurrect the Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam:

This article shared by Sean Stone, is one of the most absolute honest and factual accounts of United States Supremacy and the rise of a Global Police State.

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… from Mossadeq to 9/11

by Paul Craig Roberts

Institute for Political Economy (September 10 2013)

Washington has been at war for twelve years. According to experts such as Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes, these wars have cost Americans approximately $6 trillion, enough to keep Social Security and Medicare sound for years. All there is to show for twelve years of war is fat bank balances for the armament industries and a list of destroyed countries with millions of dead and dislocated people who never lifted a hand against the United States.

The cost paid by American troops and taxpayers is extreme. Secretary of Veteran Affairs Erik Shinseki reported in November 2009 that “more veterans have committed suicide since 2001 than we have lost on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan”. Many thousands of our troops have suffered amputations and traumatic brain injuries. At the Marine Corps War College Jim…

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Dept Of Energy Squandered $21 Million On Entertainment In Past 16 Months

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Parties, Golfing, ‘Casino Nights’ Part Of Energy Dept.’s $21M Conference Budget: Report

” Cruise-boat dinners, Super Bowl parties and golf tournaments were part of Department of Energy conferences that cost taxpayers more than $21 million over a 16-month span, according to a new report from the department’s inspector general.

  The report examined more than 300 Energy Department conferences held from April 2013 through September 2014 and found that, in at least some instances, work wasn’t the only thing on the agenda.

“ Our review also identified conference information regarding social events that in our view could lead to negative public perceptions. Existing guidance notes that participation in any associated social events should be limited and restrained to the greatest degree practicable to avoid the appearance of impropriety,” the inspector general said in the report.

“ Despite this admonition, we found that attendance at some conferences included associated social events…

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